Service Introduction

Technological Analysis Services

Flow simulation, sand simulation, and water quality simulation for rivers, ocean, erosion control, and dams. Seismic, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering

1D/2D Riverbed Evolution Analysis, 2D/3D River Flow Analysis, Debris Flow Analysis, Reservoir Tsunami Analysis

River Hydraulics and Engineering
Our river hydraulics and engineering contribute to the solution of various problems associated with transport processes of water and sediment from mountainous regions through streams and rivers to river mouth and coastal areas. Aiming to have a better understanding of problems in river engineering, erosion control, and reservoir management as well as to work out measures and prevention plans against disaster, we strive to develop numerical models capable of analyzing all kinds of transport phenomena of water and sediment, represented by water flow, sediment runoff, riverbed evolution, sedimentation in reservoir, and debris flow. Not satisfied only with our current expertise and technical skill, we positively respond to the introduction of new technology.

Tsunami Analysis, Storm-surge Analysis, Wave Hindcasting, Wave Transformation Analysis, Water Quality Analysis, and Creation of Topographic Seafloor Model

Coastal Hydraulics and Engineering
Our service covers a variety of analyses related to coastal waters and estuaries, such as tsunami, storm surge, wave, current and water quality. With our expertise in numerical analysis, we provide solutions for problems in coastal hydraulics and engineering.

Analyses of Water Quality, Sediment Transport, Salt Water Intrusion, Hydrodynamics, Biochemical Processes in the Water and the Sediment

Environmental Hydraulics and Engineering
Aiming to make contributions to environmental impact assessment, effect evaluation for environmental protection projects, and fundamental researches in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and coastal seas, we furnish advanced R&D studies on environmental fluid dynamics, pollutant diffusion, biochemical changes in water quality, productivity and biotic resources through refined modeling and simulation.

Air Quality, Weather, Diffusion, Environmental Assessment

Atmosphere and Weather
In atmospheric and meteorological analysis, using the WRF weather model to simulate and predict atmospheric interaction and conditions. In addition, perform mesoscale concentration diffusion prediction combining the weather model and the chemical transport model CMAQ, or urban and wide area atmospheric dispersion analysis. Atmospheric modeling using WRF can be applied to air quality improvement, environmental assessment, impact assessment to neighborhoods, etc.

Flood Inundation Analysis, Sediment Flood Analysis, Debris Analysis, and Inland Inundation Analysis

Flooding Analysis
We conduct flooding analyses necessary for the maintenance plans of rivers. In addition, we work on analysis in various flooding events such as tsunami, storm surge, overtopping waves flooding and sewerage flooding. Analyses including rain and drainage facilities as well as those with non-structural grids are also provided. Furthermore, we carry out flooding analyses regarding sand, sediments, and debris flow. Various outputs are available for the numerical results, for example, map of inundation area overlaid on a digital map using GIS, shapefile for GIS and so forth.
We can also provide flooding simulations considering porosity and transmissivity which are specified in "Inundation Assumption Area Figure Making Manual (Revised Edition), March 2014" and "The Guide of The Flood Hazard Map Making (Revised Edition) 2013".

Sewerage Network Modeling, Development of Numerical Models, Land Surface Runoff Calculation, Inland Flood Analysis

Sewerage Analysis
In response to the recent demand for the reevaluation of sewerage industry and hazard map of inland flood, we undertake a variety of sewer-related analyses by taking advantage of our expertise in numerical analysis and data processing which have been cultivated in the fields of river, dam and coastal engineering.
In addition, we can now furnish sewerage analysis services using any of the three applications, InfoWorks ICM, MIKE URBAN, and xpswmm, which are specified in Runoff Analysis Model Utilization Manual (March 2017, Foundation of Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology). Well-established commercial software, these suites are able to simulate the rainfall-runoff process and the flow regime in the pipeline system in urban areas, evaluate time series of water volume and water quality simultaneously, as well as to represent the holistic situation until the water discharge.

Statistical Processing of Hydrological Data, Rainfall-Runoff Analysis Based on Real Basin Topography, and Water Budget Analysis

Hydrologic Circulation, Runoff and Groundwater
Based on the hydrological data analysis, and rainfall prediction by the metrological model, we provide hyetograph and necessary run-off calculation for river control. In the rainfall-runoff analysis, we build a runoff model that fits the drainage basin satisfactorily by considering the processes of rainfall infiltration/evaporation and groundwater flow. Furthermore, we strive to develop a sediment production model in cooperation with our experts on river hydraulics, where mesh data necessary for the model run are created from geographical information with help of our expertise in data processing.

Earthquake-resistant Analysis, Ground Analysis, FEM Analysis, Generating Frame Model, Generating Ground Mesh, and RC Structures Verification

Seismic, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering
In the field of seismic, geotechnical and structural engineering, we provide a variety of analytic services concerning seismic responses of ground and structure, such as elastic-plastic deformation of ground, static/dynamic response of RC structures, bridges, and underground structures, as well as subsidence of harbors and embankments due to liquefaction. We also provide deformation analyses of the ground and various structures due to consolidation, seepage flow , and load.

Information Technology Services

Information services of social infrastructure, disaster prevention, environment protection, and business enhancement

Flood Forecasting System, Mutual Reporting System of Disaster Information, Public Web Information System, and Development of Numerical Solver's GUI

Information System for Disaster Prevention
We have gained rich experience to develop information systems for disaster prevention such as flood forecasting system and mutual reporting system of disaster information. Our business achievements also cover information systems associated with WebGIS, represented by disaster information systems, regulation systems, and varieties of ledger managing applications using Web servers. Moreover, we could reply to client needs for developing GUI applications, e.g. pre-processing interface combined with numerical solver, post-processing interface like graphic viewer, as well as for diagnosis/analysis, functional enhancement and language conversion for existing application suites.

Solutions in a variety of fields making full use of the latest Information Technology

IT Solutions
We provide a wide variety of solutions making full use of the latest IT for customer needs in various fields.
Our skillful IT engineers, well versed not only in their expertise such as numerical analysis, space information and data visualization but also in areas of information security, cloud service, data mining, design and production, etc., will furnish consistent IT services from post-implementation review through development to installation, operation and maintenance.

Spacial Data Processing Services

Data processing and analysis for hydrological, topographical and climate data

GIS Data Processing, LP Data Processing, Creation of Topographical Model, Generation of Unstructural Mesh, and NetCDF File Processing

Data Processing and Analysis
The solution provides a variety of geographical information services covering from geographical modeling linked with numerical analyses of fluid dynamics, river flood, inundation due to tsunami run-up/storm surge, through visualization of forecasts, to the superposition of forecast images on background maps using GIS. Our services also include geographical modeling based on urban planning diagram, land survey, digital maps (DM) or CAD data, drawing maps of population, households, land use and the number of assets in terms of ordinary homes, enterprises and croplands. Further, we can evaluate the coverage ratio of buildings, ground roughness, and run-off coefficients, along with the amount of damage estimated from the inundation forecast. In recent years, we extended our services to the drawing of refined geographical maps like river cross-section using laser profiler (LP) data, as well as to geographical modeling for analyses of landslide/inundation and so forth.

Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Services

Numerical analysis, prevention plans, hazard maps, and IT systems related to disaster prevention

Advanced Simulation Technology for Natural Disasters and Technological Support with Disaster Prevention System

Comprehensive Disaster Prevention
With the trend of global warming nowadays, base technology is of great importance for risk evaluation of various natural disasters due to abnormal weather phenomena. As of prevention for these disasters (debris flow, tsunami, storm surge, high waves, river flood, etc.), we create comprehensive disaster prevention systems, which take full use of our advanced analysis technology, to evaluate disaster risk and to analyze observation results. We make contributions to various disaster prevention plans with the combination of our advanced analysis technology and comprehensive information system. Our disaster prevention services, covering from mountain to ocean, are provided over wide areas of disaster management: river, erosion control, harbor, shore, earthquake, and ground structure.

Construction of PWRI Distributed Hydrology Model, Construction of Non-Stationary Flow Model, Data Assimilation with Particle Filters

Flood Forecasting System
There is a new flood forecasting system specified in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's "Flood Forecasting Core System Specification (draft)". We are developing and improving programs for the elemental technologies that constitute it, such as the PWRI Distributed Hydrology Model, non-stationary flow model, data assimilation using a particle filter, and communication processing with a unified river information system, and has many track records.

Science and Technology Support

We provide the best solutions by making full use of analysis and information technology.

We support R&D and Business Expansion of our clients.

Science and Technology
In the science and technology field, we provide solutions in a wide range of fields, including natural science, engineering, social science, and computational science, by fusing and making full use of analysis technology and information technology, mainly numerical simulation. In addition, for innovation and social implementation in each field, we are actively engaged in research and development projects and solutions businesses that enhance and streamline research results.
Specifically, "Artificial intelligence AI", "Big data processing and analysis", "Speeding up and optimizing programs", "Reuse of legacy programs", "High precision fluid analysis", "Visualization technology", etc, We offer many technical services.